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November 5, 2008

Blu Ray DRM “cracked”

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I absolutely love to hear about supposedly “unbreakable” DRM mechanisms being cracked (well, circumvented in this case).

To Content Producers: Most people pay for their content. Those who don’t pay, never will. You are not protecting anything or making any more money by implementing these insane schemes to stop being from copying. All this does is make engineers that much more persistent in figuring it out. For every great engineer at your company, there are 100 out in the wild who are going to crack you software. Again, I will happily pay for a BluRay disc, but I want to play it on the player of my choice (such as on a MythTV installation). But when you have your stupid restrictions, you have lost a sale.

So I am hoping that I can in fact get a MythTV box that can play Blu-Ray “out of the box” with a drive.

Proud to be an American…

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… but disappointed in my fellow Californians today.

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