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April 15, 2007

Some things that annoy me

Filed under: daily life — Josh DeWald @ 10:39 am
  • Giant bug-eye sunglasses.
  • Belts that clearly aren’t meant to actually hold the wearer’s pants up
  • Pink shirts on guys (well, the ones that are worn specifically as “Hey, I’m wearing a pink shirt. And I’m a guy. Yeah that’s right.”)
  • Ludicrously pre-ripped/faded jeans (I’ve accepted that it’s nearly impossible to find jeans in an un-damaged state)
  • Dining establishments that do not accept credit or debit cards (just charge me a bit extra!)
  • Businesses that don’t accept debit or credit cards but will happily point you to the $3 a transaction ATM on the premises.
  • Things are meant to”Better serving me” shouldn’t annoy me. Apparently I’m not alone.
    • As Raymond Chen says: “Whenever you hear this phrase, you are pretty much guaranteed that whatever follows will in fact not serve you better at all.”
    • Brent Ashley: “You absolutely know what follows is going to be something that reduces your choices, infringes on your rights, or costs you money.”
    • Marylaine Block has to say: The phrase is “among the great lies of business, along with ‘the check is in the mail.'”
    • And, finally, Candice.
  • Bad grammar and/or spelling on notices posted on a business’ window (come on, take a couple of minutes!)
  • Commercials (not trailers/previews) at the beginning of a theater movie (except the Orange UK one with Michael Madsen playing here in the UK but I’m starting to get tired of it)
  • Stopping right in front of me while in a mass of foot traffic and looking around aimlessly (I myself have been guilty of this of course)
    • Extra points if you manage to stop at the intersection of multiple paths

I will fully acknowledge that when it comes to fashion, I’m not what you’d call “an expert” or “at all knowledgeable” so these are clearly subjective personal opinions and not objective statements of fact. I’ve asked my wife multiple times “do people actually set out to look like idiots?” with the response being obviously “no, it’s trendy and they like it.” I’m not so sure about the latter, but no doubt the former is true. My theory is that the really cool people do wake up every once in a while and ask themselves “What ridiculous look can I try and actually have other people follow it?” Those people, my friend, are the true geniuses (genii?).

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