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April 10, 2007

A breakthrough of sorts

Filed under: coding — Josh DeWald @ 10:56 pm

So I managed to find a disassembly of Super Mario Brothers 1 as part of my attempts to figure out why I couldn’t start the game. I still don’t know why it doesn’t work, but I was able to find a spot where I could trick it into thinking that I was past the demo mode. So I’m probably the first person to have every controlled Mario while the “1 Player or 2 Player” menu was still on the screen. I’m hoping to use it to find out what’s wrong with the one I have. Interestingly, when I use Nestopia, it warns that the ROM is bad and ends up starting on a different level (0-1 instead of 1-1). That could be part of the problem perhaps?

So, yeah, I’m just now able to get it to play and I’m already cheating:

Cheating by entering values
Writing ‘1’ to address 1904 (decimal) puts it into “Game Mode” rather than “Demo Mode”. Writing a value to address 1882 (decimal) adds as many lives as I want (up to 256 or 255, haven’t tried)

Lots of Lives!

But whatever, I got to actually play! And I couldn’t wait to shoot fire, one of the more fun things to do in Mario. The weird color on the blocks is because they actually flash and the screenshot caught it at a weird time.

Shooting Fire!

I cannot seem to get past this point. Every time I jump I just hit my head on the tall “tree” and fall down. *sigh* Good thing I can give myself as many lives as I want!

Level 4-3

The emulator actually runs a little too fast, so the time counts down pretty quick, but not double time thankfully.
Exciting stuff.

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