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February 14, 2007

Ding dong the Wicked Witch is Dead!

Filed under: technology — Josh DeWald @ 9:51 am

Boing Boing: Blu-Ray AND HD-DVD broken – processing keys extracted

One of the /.  commentors took the words right out of my mouth, “props to some unpaid hackers spending a few weaks to crack something that probably had millions of R&D hours spent creating”. The DRM schemes are useless and are just a waste of money to the industry. People buy DVDs. Believe it or not, media industry, but we like to get a nice shiny box from Best Buy (or wherever)  and pop it into our player and watch in it’s glory. Those who are just going to download it using BitTorrent or Limewire or such are going to do it anyways, and you didn’t just lose a purchase. Even those people will buy the movies they really care about.

All you’re doing with your inane “protection” is slowing down fair use. If I want to buy a movie and watch it on my iPod, that is my decision. I purchased it, now leave me alone to watch my video. What you see as different “distribution channels” are nothing more than viewing channels.

The music industry seems to be mostly waking up to this fact, and at least one of the labels is considering releasing un-handcuffed MP3s for the music listening public.  I would imagine that this is beginning to sound like a broken record (pun non intended) to the music and film industries, but the world at large can and will download your content for free if they so choose. Most will happily pay for their content. Frankly, it’s a lot easier to make a legal purchase than search and wait for a long dowload (that then fails, oh, there’s another one!) so you can then play it on your 17″ screen. When you buy it legally and put it into your player you know it’s going to work. The average user does not want to deal with codec issues and the like. But those who can, will. Even the “technically savvy” people will legally purchase the content happily so that they can turn around and rip under their Fair Use priveleges to watch on their latest batter-guzzling gadget. Just let them!

I truly wish I had the time and cryptographic no-how to do what these guys are doing. I would love to get into trouble for a DMCA violation.

So all I have to say now to the Industry is: Stop wasting your time trying to “protect” your content. Focus your energies on making a quality product that people want to buy. We’re plopping down $20, $30, $40 on what amounts to 2 hours of entertainment. That’s more than most people make in that 2 hours. Make it worth our worthwhile.

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