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December 27, 2006

Vista makes me slightly angry

Filed under: technology — Josh DeWald @ 4:01 pm

This analysis of Vista’s “Content Protection” (dis)functionality is a bit disturbing and makes me wonder if that’s why my wireless card refused to work reliably when I used the demo of Vista (yeah, yeah).

I work in a company that makes (legal) use of DVD video and CD audio to produce content and this analysis is worrisome enough that I hope those in the group carefully look at what Vista does before doing and “standard” upgrades as this could potentially prevent the job from being done in the best way possible.

I’m really not sure what all this paranoia gets to anyone, people will find ways around any sort of protection offered. Those who just want to legally watch their content on whatever hardware they have will now have issues, even if they have no intention of hooking anything up between the content and the hardware to capture the content. So it’s basically lose/lose except for Microsoft, which gets to look great to the content providers for making users jump through hoops to “protect” their content.



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