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February 26, 2006

Start of another blog

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Maybe this one will work. Problem is, I always feel that I have to have a “theme” for these things. My first go I tried posting my answers to the exercises to the Arabic book that I was studying. That didn’t go so well (entering things was kind of a pain, even with my perl script that let me enter the words in a transliterated manner and converting to HTML Unicode) and I didn’t keep up with it. Then my thought was to do book reviews of the books I read throughout the year: I take the bus to and from work so I tend to get a good 2 hours of reading in a day, if not more.

I had planned on starting that at the beginning of the year, and it’s already well into February, so I’m a bit behind there.

I’m currently reading the abridged (single-volume-Western-Empire-only) version of Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. So what I’m thinking now is that I will try to summarize, in no more than two paragraphs, each of the chapters. After that I want to gradually shorten the summaries until I can do the whole thing in one paragraph (a la Book-A-Minute). With hope, I will keep up with that but since I don’t actually have a real reason to do it, we shall see. Perhaps my problem is that I’d rather be reading than writing. Writing well is hard but I still keep thinking that I’d like to do it. Plus it will help make me a better writer.

If the whole DaF thing doesn’t work, then maybe I’ll do something crazy and simply write what’s on my mind for the day. That seems to be working great for my co-worker and friend Wesley. Of course, I also have a blog on his server that I haven’t been keeping up with…so fresh start here.

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